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Our Bees

Our clever bees are indigenous to the UK and forage on the diverse and rich British countryside. Each bee can travel up to 2 miles to collect nectar and pollen and it's feasible in summer that a colony could travel 10,000 miles per day, taking into account not all bees forage at the same time.

Thats why we locate our hives in places where there are healthy foraging opportunities nearby and equally important located away from man-made pollution. This philosophy makes best use of our bees' energy and health as their flights will be shorter and more fruitful! The taste and flavour of each batch of honey is unique to each apiary and across the year you will notice the changes in taste due to seasonal pollinators. We currently use several apiary sites across Hertfordshire and plan to expand to new areas thanks to your purchases.

Many people ask us about pollination services, however we don't currently offer pollination services due to the stress this can place on bee colonies through transportation, new surroundings and the availability of a largely homogenous  crop source for foraging.

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