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"Your Frame 2020 Honey Subscription"

honey from your frame through the year

so what is the offer?

Under "your frame” you will 

  • receive a personalised welcome card;

  • own a single personalised standard frame (14” x 5”) with your name marked on your frame; 

  • receive a bi-monthly update email on progress in the apiary, updates on pollination and photos of your frame; 

  • own all the honey produced on your frame from Spring and Summer. We expect our bees to produce about 2-3kg of honey over that time on your frame, depending on the weather, the colony health, the queen and our intervention against other external factors; 

  • At the end of the year you can choose to include honeycomb which the bees have made on your frame in your final jars, which adds to the overall enjoyment and appearance;

  • we commit to making a donation to the British Beekeeping Association from your purchase.

comment: 2kg of artisan honey alone typically sells for £40-£50.

the honey

getting your honey

All honey harvested will be cold extracted, filtered and poured into sterilised jars for your enjoyment. We hope to be able to extract honey in May/June and August/September, which should be interesting for you as honey varies seasonally (colour and taste) by the influence of seasonal pollinators. This will add to your enjoyment and knowledge of honey as a wonderful natural product. 

To keep your costs as low as possible we offer a collection service from our registered business address near St Albans, but are happy to look at delivery options on a case by case basis.

You can choose to collect your honey either following harvesting time or at the end of the year, noting best before dates for honey are measured in many (many) years! 

why are we doing this?

the important bit

We wanted to respond to the significant challenge presented by the decline in pollinators, including honeybee populations, across the UK, as well as the important contribution pollinators make to the UK economy and agricultural sector. 


We understood the UK public wanted to help restore pollinator populations but barriers to entry for beekeeping such as cost, time and knowledge / experience are sometimes prohibitive.


We have put this offer together to get more people involved, interested and more connected with beekeeping and our shared environmental challenge. As part of running this offer we will make a donation from all the frames sold to the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA), who play a key role in the research & development, training and provision of practical beekeeping information across the UK, addressing known and new beekeeping challenges at a national level.

The first year we ran this offer we encouraged and helped 2 customers to become fully fledged beekeepers, which has been a great journey.

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