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Uses of pure beeswax ...

Well we're not short of ideas here are some of the many uses of beeswax bars as sold by smoke & hive

1. For natural, antibacterial, antifungal food wraps.

2. Lubricate door hinges, sliding windows and squeaky drawers.

3. Candles that don’t drip, burn longer with a soft light and clean the air.

4. A natural lining to cake tins to prevent sticking.

5. Coat the mouthpiece or joints on a woodwind instrument.

6. Covering cheeses and sealing bottles to protect from spoilage.

7. Conditioner for wood bowls and boards.

8. Coating the grill of a barbeque to prevent food sticking.

9. As a basis for cosmetics.

10.Keep zips, especially on wet suits, moving smoothly.

11.To waterproof leather ... shoes, boots and even saddles for your Brompton!

12.As a natural, non-toxic fire lighter for barbecues.

13.To make non-toxic crayons.

14.Used on snow boards, skis or toboggans for a good glide.

15.To seal documents with your family seal ;-)

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