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Our Environmental Policy

Smoke and hive constantly review all environmental impacts arising from own processes or supplier processes which are integral to producing smoke and hive products.

  • We only use suppliers who can demonstrate and mirror our sustainability criteria.

  • We package your products in the optimal way to keep products as fresh as possible, whilst choosing materials and services to deliver products efficiently.

  • We aim to simplify packaging and labelling to meet the legal requirements but to be mindful and sensitive to the planet we all share. 

  • We use materials in our business that minimise impacts to the environment and importantly we strive to use or repurpose materials in different ways to meet our environmental needs with a zero waste ambition.

  • We are mindful of our carbon footprint, continue to push the boundaries of traceability and transparency to earn your trust and increase buying confidence.

Reducing waste, managing planet resources sustainably and saving the bees.

We are forced to use safe and industry-tested packaging materials commercially available, which do not always meet our desired environmental goals. In these cases we continuously and tirelessly look for longer term alternatives.

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