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What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey has been known through history to have positive health benefits. Our raw honey is unaltered honey, extracted to preserve the nutritional, antioxidant and antibacterial qualities as well as retaining amino acid, propolis, pollen, enzyme, vitamin and minerals, just as the bees intended.

Raw honey is different from mass-market and low-cost honey, which has often been heated for faster commercial pouring, heavily filtered for shelf appearance as well as mixed with other sources of sugar to achieve a low wholesale price. These products are not comparable in nutritional value and can often be misleading as to their origin.

Why buy from smoke & hive?

We take extra care to ensure our bees are healthy, every batch meets our high quality standards and we can demonstrate full traceability over each honey product. Our honey is produced by our bees in the countryside away from man-made pollution and we use the all important ingredient of time in our cold extraction process.

For those whose priority is to support UK agriculture, the healthy recovery of British bees and who are concerned about the origins of their honey, we can provide you with assurance over all our products.

We extract in small batches and every batch of our honey contains a QR code on the label which you can scan by pointing your mobile phone camera at to tell you about the honey including where specifically your honey came from in terms of forage, the bees and surrounding environment!


How does our raw honey subscription  work?


 Simple! Just sign-up in the shop


We work with the bees to produce your honey


We post your raw honey regularly to your door.

*subscriptions do not use traditional jar packaging to get through a letterbox

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**look out for the QR code

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